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Cascade Ambulance Service
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Cascade Ambulance Service


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Thank you for your interest in Cascade Ambulance Service. Our headquarters are located in Ferndale, WA. We provide ambulance coverage throughout northwest Washington. We also perform a variety of long-distance transports on a daily basis between facilities throughout western Washington and southern British Columbia. 

Cascade also provides prearranged ground ambulance transportation services extending outside the Pacific Northwest, and can arrange service for stretcher patients requiring air transportation.

Please visit https://www.cascadeambulance.com/uploads/Paramedic.jpg for a full job description. 

The application can be found at https://www.cascadeambulance.com/uploads/Empl_App.pdf

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All employees of Cascade Ambulance Service, Inc. are team players, with a strong commitment to achieving the company's mission of providing quality patient care and excellent customer service. We are an equal opportunity employer. 

Cascade Ambulance Service

Cascade Ambulance was formed by a group of Whatcom County, WA residents whose experience in the fire and emergency medical services told them that there was a need for an alternative to what was available. Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care and consumer service available. We are able to achieve that mission only due to the excellence of our staff. Our crews are comprised of experienced Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Registered Nurses. Virtually all of our EMT's have extensive fire service experience; all are trained in the use of cardiac defibrillators, placement of airway breathing tubes, and maintenance of intervenous lines. Our paramedics are proficient in advanced techniques and have experience in the demanding environment of the mobile intensive care unit. Our nurses are chosen for their backgrounds in critical care, emergency, and/or flight nursing.