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Job Description

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities: 

  • Provides direct care to patients, based on current policies and procedures, accepted standards of care, and established competencies in a hospital environment
  • Observes physical/emotional status of assigned patient/family. 
  • Able to prioritize patient care and unit activities. 
  • Provides care according to current policies and procedures and established standards of care. 
  • Appropriately seeks out assistance to assess patients or render patient care. 
  • Is aware of limitations of EMT and functions within those limits. 
  • Provides for the patient/family needs for psychological, emotional or spiritual support in an unhurried, empathetic manner. 
  • Meets standards of unit-based competencies on an annual basis. 
  • Assumes role of patient advocate. 
  • Consistently refers to the critical pathway when rendering care. 
  • Documents all patient care appropriately 
  • All documentation is concise, clear, pertinent, accurate and timely. 
  • Documents safety measures, actions, and/or communications with patient/family
  • Communicates effectively with all healthcare team members in the implementation of patient care 
  • Works with colleagues and other disciplines in a spirit of teamwork, professionalism and goal attainment. 
  • Seeks direction from other healthcare team members when necessary in order to clarify a patient's need or condition. 
  • Consistently shares all pertinent observations and recommendations regarding patient needs to the Registered Nurse, Case Manager, or MD. 
  • Consistently communicates patient responses to the critical pathway to the RN or case manager in a timely manner. 
  • Participates in patient care conferences. 
  • Acts as a resource person 
  • Responds to requests from peers in acceptable time period. 
  • Participates on committees. 
  • Assists in the orientation of new employees. 
  • Assesses clinical environment and recommends appropriate changes/improvements 
  • Identifies and communicates areas for improvement in clinical environment. 
  • Demonstrates support of changes which will improve patient care. 
  • Brings issues of concern on the unit level to the appropriate committee for discussion/resolution. 
  • Seeks direction for and maintains responsibility for own development 
  • Regularly recognizes and evaluates own strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Attends available workshops and seminars to enhance clinical skills. 
  • Attends mandatory in-service education. 
  • Attends 66% of staff meetings. 
  • Develops plan to meet learning needs.
  • Performs emergency pre-hospital treatment 
  • Provides timely ambulance response to emergency calls. 
  • Conducts on site patient assessment, recognizes a variety of symptoms which may denote life threatening conditions requiring immediate action. 
  • As appropriate, initiates radio communication with qualified medical personnel to relay medical information or receive direction in treatment. Administers appropriate basic life support services, including bandaging, splinting, administration of oxygen and poison antidotes, CPR, shock prevention treatment, burn treatment, crisis intervention, crash injury management, assisting with maternity cases, etc. 
  • Deals with a variety of hazardous, unpleasant and difficult circumstances and individuals, including patients, family members and onlookers. Coordinates activities with police, fire and other emergency responders. 
  • As required, carries out a variety of Basic level emergency medical procedures, carefully following prescribed techniques and time intervals. Procedures include administration of designated medications. Carries out all such Basic level techniques and procedures as outlined in Pre Hospital Department Protocols. 
  • Attends to patient needs during return trip to Hospital, or drives ambulance vehicle to assure prompt and safe return to Hospital. 
  • Performs appropriate duties following pre hospital response 
  • Cleans ambulance and restocks equipment as required. 
  • Performs designated maintenance tasks such as checking tire pressure and lights, gas and fluid levels, etc.
  • Informs supervisor of need for vehicle repairs, and repair or replacement of damaged or questionable equipment.
  • Accurately completes and processes all required forms and paperwork relating to calls and services rendered. 

    Behaviors Required

    Team Player: Works well as a member of a group

    Loyal: Shows firm and constant support to a cause

    Functional Expert: Considered a thought leader on a subject

    Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well

    Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity

Experience Requirements

Licenses & Certifications

  • CPR Certification
  • EMT Basic