LifeMed Alaska

LifeMed Alaska, LLC provides 24/7 critical care air ambulance services throughout Alaska with full-scope transports for adult, pediatric, neonate and high-risk obstetric patients using an advanced fleet of Learjets, turboprops, and helicopters. To ensure continuity-of-care to each patient, we offer on-demand ground ambulance service from our Anchorage base.

Olympic Ambulance

Olympic Ambulance Service, Inc. was founded in 1971 by the husband-and-wife team of Bill and Esther Littlejohn. Before starting the company, Bill followed his physician father into the medical field as a healthcare facilities manager. Esther’s background is in nursing. While the company’s first location was in Sequim, it has since grown to provide facilities and services throughout Clallam, Kitsap, Thurston and Mason Counties. We have grown to employ hundreds, but have maintained our small company values. People—whether patients, employees, or community members, come first. To that end, our employees have access to the very best training, as well as opportunities to advance their education and career goals.

Lifeline Ambulance

LifeLine Ambulance, Inc. is currently the largest ambulance provider in North Central Washington with a staff of more than 60 full-time and part-time Paramedics, Registered Nurses, IV Technicians, Emergency Medical Technicians, billing / collections staff, Medical Supervising Officers and management team. We are a primary 911 provider in all our service locations, and also provide interfaculty transports, wheelchair van transports, and event standbys, and offer training courses to the public and other medical professionals within the industry. We maintain a fleet of 13 ambulances, four 4-wheel drive response units, and 1 wheelchair transport van.

Tri-Med Ambulance

Tri-Med Ambulance, LLC was established in 1995 and has become a regional preferred ambulance provider because of its dedication to quality, safety, reliability, responsiveness, and compassionate service. Over time, many hospitals and fire departments have selected Tri-Med Ambulance as their provider of choice. Tri-Med has passionate dedication as a junior partner to the fire departments it serves, and also understands the needs of facilities and hospitals by providing reliable medical transportation services. Tri-Med's goal is to continue the dedication and support it has for all of its fire department, hospital, and facility clients. To support this goal and maintain its service, Tri-Med's team members bring expertise in fire department relations, training, crew supervision, human resources, dispatch, patient care, safety, and billing services.

Advanced Life Systems

Advanced Life Systems, Inc. is the primary advanced life support transporting agency in Yakima County. We respond to 911 emergency and inter-facility calls. Advanced Life Systems responds to approx. 13,000 calls a year utilizing 6-24 hour staffed ALS ambulances with 1 EMT and 1 Paramedic.

Aero Methow Rescue Service

The parent corporation of Aero Methow Rescue Service is Methow Valley Home Health Agency, a private non-profit corporation, with 501(c) (3) status with the Internal Revenue Service. The initial mission of Methow Valley Home Health Agency was to provide Home Health Care in the Okanogan Douglas District Hospital Boundaries. In 1970 Methow Valley Home Health Agency abandoned the Home Health Care division and assumed the operation of Aero Methow Rescue Service.

Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association

For over 60 years, the Bainbridge Island Ambulance Association has been providing excellence and advocacy when people need them most. BIAA is dedicated to saving lives. Working in harmony with other rescue programs, BIAA is a key piece of the Island’s emergency medical services – we transport over 1,000 people each year. BIAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Cascade Ambulance Service

Cascade Ambulance was formed by a group of Whatcom County, WA residents whose experience in the fire and emergency medical services told them that there was a need for an alternative to what was available. Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care and consumer service available. We are able to achieve that mission only due to the excellence of our staff. Our crews are comprised of experienced Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Registered Nurses. Virtually all of our EMT's have extensive fire service experience; all are trained in the use of cardiac defibrillators, placement of airway breathing tubes, and maintenance of intervenous lines. Our paramedics are proficient in advanced techniques and have experience in the demanding environment of the mobile intensive care unit. Our nurses are chosen for their backgrounds in critical care, emergency, and/or flight nursing.

Paramedics Plus

The Paramedics Plus management team brings decades of experience to the provision of EMS, and we have a track record of building exceptionally strong relationships with our customers. We are partners with the local EMS as well as the community.

Injury Care EMS

Injury Care EMS is Idaho’s most trusted private ground and fixed-wing air ambulance patient transport company. We are Idaho’s leader in air ambulance and ground ambulance patient transport. We are the patient transportation experts. We are Idaho’s oldest and most experienced private ambulance company. We are licensed to provide the highest level of ambulance care. We have more patient transport than any other private service. No Idaho company has more emergency medical personnel contracted to the federal government. We have the most ambulances on wildland fires in Idaho. We are safe, reliable, dependable, licensed, compassionate, professional teams with an excellent service record. Our hospital partners and the federal government count on our safety and reliability.

Fireline Medics

At Fireline Medics the patients are—and will always be—our first priority. Our compassionate staff realize patients are someone’s brother, daughter, grandma, father…. and it is our responsibility to help these individuals through a traumatic situation with as much comfort and dignity as possible. Providing the best wilderness medicine includes having the proper training and equipment, being able to think on your feet, and sometimes just holding a hand.

Acute Rescue & Transport

A.R.T. is the primary provider of transport services for the Treasure Valley’s most prominent hospitals. We regularly provide inter-facility transfers to and from nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and specialty care facilities. A.R.T also provides standby services for numerous local and regional events, as well as pre-hospital, non-emergency response and rendezvous with outlying EMS agencies. We currently hold a variety of federal, state, and local contracts to provide Emergency Medical Services, and we hold the highest level of agency licensure issued by the State of Idaho Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Preparedness. We employ more than fifteen paramedics, advanced EMT’s, and EMT-Basics. All of our Paramedics are Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certified.

Great Falls Emergency Services

Great Falls Emergency Services was founded in 1994 Since that time, the company has grown to realize its long-range vision of paramedic ambulance service for the City of Great Falls and throughout Cascade County. Today, GFES continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to on-time paramedic ambulance response.

Eagle Ambulance Service

Eagle Ambulance Service, Inc., located in Montana City and Billings, Montana, started as a BLS emergency response group which has recently grown into a full ALS service. We have Critical Care Paramedics and Intermediate 99's that meet Northern Jefferson County's ALS needs with a number of Basics to round out our crews. We, also, provide standby for special events and specialize in long-distance medical transports. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet any of your emergency, standby or transport needs. Eagle Ambulance in Billings MT. operates as a transport company of almost any distance. We provide both long distance transports and local standby events. We provide both ALS and BLS services. We have completed patient transfers to as far away as Denver and Rapid City. As a transport company, we do not require any prior experience and are happy to train any individual in all aspects of the job and always encourage all to continue to learn with us. Eagle Billings is continually looking for individuals interested in either starting an EMS career or continuing their career in a place where we actually smil

  • 406-208-8918

Stevens County EMS

Stevens County Ambulance Service (SCAS) is dedicated to providing excellence and regional leadership in advanced level EMS and education to west central Minnesota for over 40 years. We have seen many changes and improvements through the years as EMS in Minnesota continues to lead the nation. Since 1978, SCAS has pushed and led the way in developing rural EMS agencies and advancing care. Designation as a Minnesota approved EMS training site, continuous upgraded level of service provision, becoming one of the first rural BLS ambulance service to train and acquire EMT-defibrillator trained personnel and utilizing a "semi-automatic external defibrillator" (Heart-Aid) device in the early 1980's, and becoming the first ALS level service in West Central Minnesota in the mid 1990's. A culture of continuous improvement, focus on education, support of our team, good stewardship and service, and constant upgrade of medical devices helps us to reach our goal of serving our communities as a service of excellence.

Lifestar EMS

Lifestar EMS provides Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support ambulance service in Southeast and Central Wisconsin. We are licensed at the Critical Care Level to provide our communities with a higher level of care.

Ellsworth Area Ambulance Service

EAAS provides a wide variety of emergency medical services including first response, advanced and basic level pre-hospital medicine and inter-facility transfers of sick and injured patients between hospitals as requested. Primary ambulances are staffed with scheduled Paramedics, and Paid on Call staff. Additional resources are provided as needed using back-up scheduling and staff.

Cambridge Area EMS

Cambridge Area EMS (CAEMS), has been providing emergency medical services (EMS) to Cambridge and surrounding townships since its founding in 1979. CAEMS provides emergency medical services to a rural area surrounding the Village of Cambridge in Dane and Jefferson County. This includes the Town of Lake Mills, Town of Christiana, Village of Cambridge, Town of Oakland, Village of Rockdale. We also provide mutual aid assistance to neighboring communities including Deerfield, Cambridge, and Jefferson. We respond to approximately 800 calls for aid each year with a fleet of 2 advanced life support (ALS) equipped ambulances, a volunteer roster of 45 members and paid daytime staff – providing ambulance coverage 24 hours a day 365 days a year. CAEMS’s activities are funded through a combination of billing revenues, municipal government allocations, government grants, fundraisers and private donations. We welcome those interested in EMS services including volunteers, auxiliary roles and paid positions. EMS is a training intense activity, and our organization accumulates and provides more than 4,000 hours of training annually in certification courses, continuing education, community outreach, volunteer activities, and special event coverage.

Curtis Ambulance

Curtis Ambulance provides high quality 911 response and private party response to requests in the City of Milwaukee and neighboring communities. Curtis Ambulance is focused on providing quality, experienced, and prompt care.

  • 414-933-7602

Metro West Ambulance

Founded in 1953 by the Fuiten family, we are distinguished as the longest running owner-operated ambulance service in the Pacific Northwest. Started as a basic first aid operation in Forest Grove and, in 1973, we began the transition to become the full-spectrum emergency and non-emergency healthcare transportation service we are today.

Bay Cities Ambulance

Bay Cities Ambulance provides advanced life support 9-1-1 ambulance response for the communities of Coos Bay, North Bend, Charleston, Hauser, North Bay, Millington, Green Acres, Sumner, City of Bandon, Roseburg, and the Oregon Sand Dunes. Bay Cities partners with ten different first response agencies, assisting with continuing education, medical supplies, protocol review, and more. Bay Cities employs highly-trained, experienced personnel in a variety of positions, including paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, EMS dispatchers, wheelchair van attendants, billing specialists, maintenance staff, and managers. Units respond from stations in Coos Bay, Bandon, and Roseburg. Bay Cities Ambulance partners with community organizations to improve the health and safety of the communities we serve.

Pacific West Ambulance

Pacific West Ambulance provides advanced life support 9-1-1 ambulance responses for the communities of Lincoln City, Otis, Roselodge, Newport, Depoe Bay, Toledo, Siletz, Eddyville, Gleneden Beach and Waldport. Pacific West Ambulance partners with many different first response agencies, assisting with continuing education, medical supplies, protocol review, and more. Pacific West Ambulance employs highly-trained, experienced personnel in a variety of positions, including paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, EMS dispatchers, wheelchair van attendants, billing specialists, maintenance staff, and managers. Units respond from stations in Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Toledo, and Newport.


Medix Ambulance provides advanced life support 9-1-1 ambulance response for all of Clatsop County in Oregon and parts of Pacific County, Washington (City of Long Beach, City of Ilwaco, and Pacific County Fire District #2). All Medix Ambulance Paramedics and EMTs are dual certified in the states of Oregon and Washington. Medix Ambulance has a long history of service in the very rural setting of the northern Oregon and southern Washington communities it serves. Known as a dependable and professional health care provider, the company's outstanding track record of performance has earned it the goodwill of EMS policy makers, the medical community, and citizens. Medix Ambulance responds to more than 6,500 ambulance requests for service and approximately 7,000 requests for wheelchair service annually. Medix Ambulance meets or exceeds the EMS response time requirements for all service zones we cover.

  • 503-861-5554

Cal-Ore Life Flight

Cal-Ore Life Flight provides safe, caring and dependable ground and air transportation to individuals in need of emergency medical attention. Headquartered in Brookings, Oregon, Cal-Ore offers 24/7 Advanced Life Support transport to destinations throughout Oregon, California and bordering states. We maintain exceptionally high patient care and safety standards and are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS).

Symons Ambulance

Symons offers a diverse array of ambulances depending on your need. Symons has both basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ALS) ambulances. Symons also offers specialized 4×4 ambulances for off-road events or interfacility transports in areas with snow or other difficult access. Capabilities to provide an ambulance may vary depending on the state, county and other local regulations, however, Symons is frequently able to subcontract for these services in those areas where they aren’t licensed to provide their own ambulances.

Care Ambulance Service

Care Ambulance Service was founded in 1969 by Carl Richardson and has grown from a small, one ambulance community based service, to the largest provider of quality ambulance services in Southern California. The company is now owned by Falck Denmark, the largest privately held ambulance service in the world and continues to grow with patient care and customer service as the main values.

Hall Ambulance

Hall Ambulance is currently the largest and premier emergency and non-emergency medical transportation provider in Kern County. In addition, Hall Ambulance is the third-largest privately-owned emergency and non-emergency medical transportation in California. Hall Ambulance is a member of both the California Ambulance Association and the American Ambulance Association

Medic Ambulance

Medic Ambulance has a rich history of providing quality advanced life support ambulance services in the North San Francisco Bay area. We are the exclusive 911 ambulance provider for all of Solano County with the exception of Vacaville. Medic Ambulance is a family business with strong ties to the community. We support our community in a variety of ways, including offering ambulance stand-by services for special events. For a list of community events we participate in, click here. Medic maintains a standard of excellence in everything from response times, to fleet maintenance, to operations. To meet that standard, we employ the latest technology in all areas to give our patients the best care possible, including a state-of-the-art Computer Aided Dispatch center, web-based crew scheduling, Zoll monitor/defibrillators, Stryker Power Pro gurneys, etc. By utilizing the best equipment, technology , and personnel, we are able to constantly adhere to the cornerstone of our mission statement ”Give the best people the best tools to do their jobs, and they will do the best job possible”.

Doctor's Ambulance

Doctor's Ambulance Service provides Emergency Medical Transport needs of communities throughout Orange County. We proudly serve the citizens of Laguna Beach as their 9-1-1 transportation provider. We also provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to all of Orange County and are able to transport patients into the surrounding counties as well. Our company is based on the following principals: excellent customer service built upon professionalism, courtesy and quality patient care.

  • 949-951-8535

Riggs Ambulance Service

Founded in 1948 by Kenny Riggs, Riggs Ambulance Service has proudly served Merced county continuously for over 60 years. The family culture that Kenny began continues today although the organization has grown considerably since then. Unlike many companies that lose their focus on their cultural roots over time, RAS strongly embraces the importance of individual relationships within the organization with all employees of our RAS family. We are equally committed to our relationships with our external customers; our patients, the community, co-responders and allied healthcare professionals. To this end, the small-company, family-oriented feeling of RAS endures and is the cornerstone of our company culture.

Cal-Med Ambulance

CAL-MED Ambulance Service, is a family owned and operated company based in Whittier California and has been serving the Southern California healthcare industry since 2009. We are a rapidly growing company servicing multiple cities in both Los Angeles County and Orange County. Cal-Med is devoted to providing the highest quality service to the public through our team of professional and experienced staff.

  • 562-968-1818

Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service

Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service has been providing ambulance services to the residents and visitors of Siskiyou County and it's surrounding areas since 1985. Mt Shasta Ambulance service is locally owned and operated, and is committed to providing prompt, friendly, and professional service. Mt. Shasta Ambulance Service is equiped with some of the latest technology available in EMS, thus ensuring the residents of Siskiyou County receive the highest level EMS service possible.

Lynch Ambulance

Lynch Ambulance is a family-owned ambulance company based in Orange County, California. We have been providing high-quality medical transportation services to patients in state of the art ambulances with highly trained paramedics, emergency medical technicians, respiratory therapists and specialized critical care registered nurses for over 25 years.

Aegis Ambulance Service

Patient care, customer service, people who care. Remember those days? Health care is changing and the medical transportation industry is no exception. What happened to old fashioned values and service? We wondered the same thing. We looked around at the condition of the industry and saw the need for a change. So we started Aegis Ambulance Service, Inc. We decided to start a medical transportation company that pays attention to the customer and patient. That is more interested in patient care than turning on the sirens. That focuses on the community it serves and not in becoming the biggest in the state. That works closely with the customer to make sure transports are done in a safe, cost effective, and timely manner. We remember how health care used to be. We believe in what it can still be. At Aegis Ambulance Service, Inc., we are doing our part to make it happen every day.

  • 626-685-9410


MedReach has provided ambulance transportation and medical stand-by services to communities in Los Angeles County for over 25 years. Our management team has a combine experience of over 100 years in the ambulance industry. We are a certified woman owned business with proven experience, licensed programs in place and a variety of specialty transports. MedReach is fully licensed to operate within the County of Los Angeles including the City of Long Beach, the South Bay, and the City of Los Angeles.

St Joseph's Ambulance Service

St. Joseph’s Ambulance Service is a family owned and operated company with a long history of service to the San Francisco Bay Area dating back to 1956. Our client list includes: University Medical Centers, acute care hospitals, convalescent hospitals, private physicians, health maintenance organizations, medical service organizations, IPAs, third party payers, employer groups, private businesses, and government agencies. In addition to our ambulance transportation division, we also offer a comprehensive list of special event standby services. These have included medical standbys for movie production companies, concerts, professional sports, major athletic events, high profile dignitaries with special security considerations, and parades. We routinely transport patients arriving and departing from San Francisco and Oakland International Airports. We also can seamlessly interface and coordinate air ambulance transportation to or from anywhere in the world.

  • 415-456-9333

Medcoast Ambulance Service

The three principals of the company have over 160 years experience in the EMS industry and over 100 years of specific ambulance service management experience. Each has progressed from field-level EMT to management positions, and now to “hands-on” owners. The company promotes a “Family Type Atmosphere” where our employees are considered professional team members and not just a number.

  • 562-926-8520

Piner's Ambulance

Our state of the art units are staffed by two Emergency Medical Technicians who can perform basic airway management, monitor non-medicated IV solutions, and are equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED). BLS units are utilized for the basic medical transportation of medically stable patients. We can provide both long and short distance transportation.

Bi-County Ambulance

Our emergency services began serving Yuba County and Sutter County in 1976. Since then, we've been ready at a moment's notice to rescue and give aid to over 150,000 people. With a dedicated team of dispatchers and paramedics, we work hard to get you to care and safety when you need it the most. Learn more

Antelope Ambulance

Opened January 22, 1998 by Doug Cain and Andy Wilson, Antelope Ambulance Service has expanded its service area beyond Lancaster and the Antelope Valley. In 1998 when the Company first opened, only Basic Life Support (BLS) or Basic Ambulance service was available. Since then, Paramedics, specialty equipment, and the newest state of the art systems have always been a continued focal point for this organization. Antelope Ambulance Service has been committed to provide the best available personnel, equipment, and transportation solutions with economical pricing.